Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pierrefonds- France

Last night, my brother called me to wish me a happy birthday. My birthday was a week ago, but that's ok! He's a busy guy, I don't judge;-) Anyway, I was telling him about a castle that we had gone to a few weeks ago, when I realized that I hadn't posted any thing about it.

When my sister in law was here, we decided that we would do one more trip into France after our 'rain out' trip to Paris. I had gotten an email about this castle in Pierrefonds, and it looked amazing.

The castle was originally built in the Middle Ages, and is absolutely huge. As we drove into the small village where it is located, it really was the only thing that we could see. It took over the whole area (which was also very beautiful, turning colours during the autumn months).

The castle was also one of the castles on the programme Merlin, a show that I have never watched, but that some of my students were big fans of.

The castle itself was interesting, situated on a hill, with views of the area. It was full of large, echoing rooms, staircases, and beautiful sculptures. I really enjoyed visiting this castle, the size alone will knock your socks off, however, as a personal preference, I like it when the rooms are not empty, I like to see a bit more of the 'daily life' of the place. This castle did not have a 'daily life' aspect to it at all.

On thing I will suggest, if you ever get a chance to visit this castle, there is a little bakery in the village that had the best baguette I have ever eaten!

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    I am now following. We have been to France a few times via the tunnel and hope to go back very soon. My kids really want to see Paris:) and the Eiffel tower. Hope you will consider following back. I love visiting castles, and cathedrals in Europe. Both my Husband and I are huge history nerds.