Monday, April 11, 2011

Life has been busy...

Boy, working at one job is a lot easier than being a housewife! And I am not a very good housewife at that!

I truly thought that once Alara started into her preschool, I would have so much time to myself, all alone at the house, keeping it clean, making delicious meals, and reading all sorts of wonderful books. I was wrong, apparently when you don't have your child with you, you find all sorts of new ways to fill your time!

I am taking a French class now. Learning on my own was not working for me, I met a great woman, and we are taking the class together. Through the class, my French is improving, and I have met many more great people. I have realized though that I am a may be a good teacher, but I am a terrible student! I am what you would call the class clown! Oh la la!

Alara is doing really well at preschool, picking up French herself, meeting children from all over Europe and North America, learning how to do crafts and sing songs. She is loving it! At home she is constantly talking and singing in both English and Turkish, playing and getting over her fear of 'scary' movies. We watched Tangled this weekend and she loved it! (I did too!)

Seyfi is also doing well, his French is amazing! His celiac seems to be under control, no more gluten at all for him (his choice). I think the turning point came at two moments, after reading Elizabeth Hasselback's G-free diet book and finding gluten free croissants that are actually delicious!

The weather here has been amazing! My vegetable garden is all dug out and the peas are sprouting! My flower garden is in bloom, the tulips and daffodils are finishing up, making room for the summer flowers, the lilac and jasmine trees are a bud and any day now we will be smelling their sweet scents! I'm very excited.

So today's post is just a very long overdue update, I am going to take the time to write more now that life is finally in some sort of routine!

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