Thursday, November 11, 2010

We have a visitor...

For the past week and a half my sister in law has been visiting us from Turkey, which is why I have been neglecting my blog, yet again.

We have been having a wonderful time hang out together, visiting all sorts of different places, some old and some new. This picture (taken by my friend Jane) is from one of the new places that we visited last week. It is at Park d'Enghien about forty minutes from our house.

We went for the day with good friends of ours and it truly was like be transported into another place. The park is absolutely beautiful, the leaves were changing and falling, there were old statues and buildings, the air was crisp and clear. We had a wonderful day.

We were also very lucky to get there when we did, because typical to autumn weather, while last week was clear but cool, this week has been nothing but rain and wind. So much wind in fact that all of the beautiful colours are gone, blown away, ready for winter to come.

Serpil is here for a few more days, then Alara and I are off to Istanbul for a week. My plan is to enjoy visiting my in laws, eat good food (not prepared by me) and just relax and read a few books. Any recommendations?

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