Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're back

It's a holiday here in Turkey, and Alara and I are actually here to celebrate it with our family. (Poor Seyfi, he had to stay behind and work).

After the past few weeks of non-stop rain, the warm, sunny weather of Istanbul is a welcome sight, but not as welcome as the warm smiles, hugs and homemade baklava that was waiting for us when we arrived yesterday.

I just wanted to write a quick post about my mother in laws baklava. It is the most wonderful baklava in the world. I think the reason for this is because every layer of the baklava has something special in it, love.

This is a woman who takes great pride in the baklava that she makes, working hard at rolling out her dough thinner than paper, a skill that was taught to her by her mother.

As we eat our baklava, I notice that her arms and back are sore, she is not as young as she use to be, this job is getting more difficult for her. I wonder how many more years of homemade baklava we have.

How sad is it to think that skills like this are slowly leaving families. My sister in law and I both do not know how to roll out thinner than paper dough, I can get mine about as thin as a napkin that rips. I know that I should work at it, I should start making gluten free baklava.... there's an idea, I wonder how is would go...

So I've decided that for the next holiday, I will at least have 'tried' to make some gluten free baklava... I'll try to continue this beautiful skill. Something that can be passed on to my children. I'll let you know how it goes.

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