Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Soup

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before, but I have got the best in-laws. Very traditional people from Turkey, they have always been very accepting and interested in where I came from, and the many different aspects of me. Whenever I make something that is 'foriegn' to them, they are always open minded and give it a try. They always finish their plates, and usually Seyfi's dad asks for seconds.

I remember one of my first experiences cooking for them involved pumpkin soup, I had invited Seyfi's parents over for dinner, and made them pumpkin soup. They had never had pumpkin soup before, they loved it. I think that was when I knew I wanted to be married to this family. It was funny though when Seyfi's dad said 'Soup from pumpkins, who knew this would be good?'

Why had they never had pumpkin soup before? Pumpkins in Turkey are 99% of the time used to make a dessert, not pie, but a steamed pumpkin topped with a sugary syrup and walnuts. It is yummy, (but not my personal favourite.)

Since we moved to Belgium, and I have been able to find sweet potatoes, I have been making an 'orange' soup quite regularily- carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and home made chicken broth, it's been going quite well actually. But this weekend- gluten free girl put out a tweet suggesting that every on make the pumpkin soup recipe from her book.

I just got this book last week. It is a beautiful book about a couples love of food, and the recipes that bring them together. I wouldn't classify it as only a 'gluten free' cookbook, rather, I would just call it a 'great food' cookbook. I've been leafing through it, trying to decide what to make next.

So when the tweet came though, I thought 'why not' and made it yesterday. It turned out really great. There are a few difference between her recipe and mine- mostly she puts cream in her soup. I love the flavour that cream adds to a nice soup, and this made it really nice.

I really liked the soup, but I knew it was good when Seyfi (a man who thinks that soup is 'boring') asked me if he could take some soup in a thermos in his lunch today. It must be really good!

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