Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all my Family and Friends!

This is now my ninth Canada Day being celebrated outside of Canada. I unfortunately have to be honest and say that every year I celebrate it a bit less. I don't really know why.

During my first years in Turkey, I would out my flag up and get together with other Canadians and celebrate. One year, Seyfi and I were invited to the ambassador's house for a garden party, where we ate cheddar cheese and drank ginger ale! (It was amazing!)

These days, July 1st always seems to sneak up on me, it is usually the first day of my summer holiday, and I just don't get around to doing anything Canadian (like eating poutine and watching a hockey game).

Today, our apartment was painted, so we took the opportunity to pack up most of our things and put them into storage, and then to stay out of the way of the painters we went out for lunch and shopping. The most Canadian thing we did today was watch Caillou (and he was speaking Turkish).

Oh well, there is always next year...

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