Friday, December 16, 2011

Has it been almost a year?

I can't believe that almost a year has past since I last wrote something, but I'm hoping to start over with a recap of what is up with each of us...

Alara- almost three and a half, working on her third language and getting ready to be a big sister. She is becoming an amazing little girl, so interested in the people in her life, trying so hard to be a big girl, absolutely hilarious at times, and sensitive at others. She is a fabulous little girl, I couldn't be happier to be her mom!

Seyfi- Belgium has been good for my celiac man, we have found some wonderful gluten free products, and it has made it easier for him to take care of his health. Busy with his job, my amazing husband has started working on his second masters, and at my encouraging, has joined a yoga class.

Me- well I am three weeks away from having our second little girl. This pregnancy has been completely different than the first, but still a positive. Belgium has also been treating me well, I've meet some of the most amazing friends here, joined a book club and a yoga class for the firtst time and feel really good with life.

Now that life is about to change again, I figure it is time to dust off the old blog, and get started again...

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