Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have a fabulous weekend....

Being thirty six and a half weeks pregnant, Seyfi has said there will be no more weekend road trips for the family. Apparently he doesn't want this baby to come on the side of the road, or worse in a different country.

Thankfully, the weather here in Belgium has not been the greatest, so all I really want to do is stay home, clean the house, cook, and maybe have some friends over for a football (soccer) match on Sunday night.

There are a few things that we may end up doing, if I decide to leave this cocoon. There are a few local christmas markets that I would like to see. One is a Dickens themed market in the local town of Soignes, which is also where my hospital is. I've heard that at his market, there is a toboggan hill and raclette (melted cheese served over potatoes or bread). yum.

The other market is at one of our most favourite hid always in Belgium, Parc Enghien. A manor house set on a beautiful piece of property that has a forest to rabble through, ponds to walk around and gorgeous gardens to envy, they too will be hosting their Christmas market today.

Or maybe I will suggest we head into Mons, hit up our favourite gluten free/ organic shop, get Seyfi organized for the week, and then head over to our favourite organic cafe, sit at the 'table communal' drink something organic and work on our French with some new friends.

Since it is 8:30 Saturday morning, and the sun is picking its nose out, the weekend is our oyster! So much that could be on the table, so much that we could just leave behind....

What will you be doing this weekend?
I hope you have a good one!

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