Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pregnancy Yoga

I thought that i would never meet another foreigner in the small village I live in, the belgians here are wonderful, we 'bonjour' everyone we see, but with my limited French, it isn't easy to make a 'friend'. Then a couple of months ago I met two amazing women who live right here in my small community. We all are from different countries, living here in Belgium, our children all go to the same school, and we all speak English.

It has been really great to meet these ladies and share our experiences, and help each other out. Especially since one of the ladies has been here for longer then the rest of us. She know where everything is, and the best thing she has shared with us, is that there is a yoga studio around the corner from my house!

During my pregnancy with Alara, I did yoga a few times a week for the entire pregnancy. I truly believe that it helped me through a lot of the stress of the pregnancy, and made my body ready for the birth.

With this pregnancy I hadn't been doing any yoga, sure I walk a lot, and try to stay fit, but nothing has the same benefits as yoga. To be honest, I was feeling guilty that I hadn't done any, and worried that the birth would be terrible this time around.

So, after learning about the studio, with a bit of nervousness in my little French skills, I went to the local yoga studio, and got down to business. I couldn't be happier with the results!

My teacher has been wonderful, she doesn't currently offer a maternity yoga class, so she has adjusted every movement for my needs. She is always there to support me, and is making my sure that I am comfortable with each step we go through.

I'm really enjoying this yoga, it is relaxing me, while at the same time challenging me. My body has reacted positively from these classes, I feel less tight and have less aches and pains. It has also helped me with my breathing, making it easier to control my stress and my health. I feel so much better about the birth, and most importantly the guilt is gone. I would definitely recommend yoga to anyone who is pregnant.

Isn't it wonderful to think that in just a few months my local support group has grown to include these new wonderful women in my life, and that my little village feels so much more like home.

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