Friday, September 24, 2010

Gluten free Doughnuts

In Turkey, we could never really find a lot of doughnuts, let me re-phase that, we could never find doughnuts. Doughnuts we something that we ate during our yearly trips to Canada. However, Belgium has got great doughnuts. I've eaten doughnuts the past three days...

With my parents here, we've been eating loads of super yummy baked goods, (i.e. crossiants and doughnuts) unfortunately that 'we' does not include Seyfi. So, we thought that today we would make something that Seyfi really loves and misses, Doughnuts.

My dad and I were looking at gluten free girl's website, trying to find something to make, and there it was! She had recently posted a recipe for gluten free doughnuts, and that is what we made. They turned out great. The recipe was very easy to use, and it really didn't take as much time as I thought it would. They were so great in fact that my dad couldn't tell that there was a difference! Thank you gluten free girl. (Also thank you, because my dad read your comments about needing a scale, so he went to the store and bought me one!)

We are serving the doughnuts tonight with cinnamon apple, caramel swirl ice cream that I made in my brand new ice cream maker. I will post my recipe for that a bit later on...

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  1. Jimmy comes thru again! I have a recipe for Apple Crisp Ice Cream - Les says it's "fantastic"! One day you and will share ice cream recipes! I have a super easy one for when you are craving ice cream - it's ready in 30 min.