Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gluten free Ravioli

I'm really happy with the gluten free pasta recipe that I have, so yesterday I decided to make ravioli. It turned out so yummy! I stuffed them with three cheeses, fresh basil and oregano, served them with a really simple tomato sauce and they were a big hit. Such a big hit that Alara actually ate two plates of them!

The thing about making ravioli, they way that I did it, it is a lot of work! I did each one individually. Silly! Next time I am going to do them in groups using two big sheets of pasta.

Luckily I had a helper. She helped crank the pasta maker, she helped put the cheese in the ravioli, she helped to close them. But honestly, the biggest help from her came when she went into the living room to watch tv and fell asleep!

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  1. Oh Man! Did you make them manti style one at a time! Yikes. I have made these and I put one sheet of dough down, filled them, brushed water on where it would be bound, then put the next sheet down on top, pressed where the edged would be and then cut with a pizza cutter. It makes square ravioli much faster. Though I am a little hazy on the details as this was about 5 years ago. Is that Kitchen Aid in the background?