Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where did we go? Brugge

Even though it was raining off and on for the entire day, Brugee has to be one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been too. We had such a lovely time there, touring around museums, eating in cafes, taking a ride on a horse drawn carriage, it was a very interesting day.

Brugge is a canal city, often called 'the Venice of the North,' and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The streets are full of lace and chocolate, bakeries and tea houses, Christmas shops and candlelit restaurants. There are museums about all sorts of different aspects of Belgian life.

We went to two of these museums. The first museum we went to was 'Choco Story'. All about the history and making of chocolate. It was surprisingly very interesting, and there were free samples! I had no idea that chocolate had such a rich history.

The other museum that we went to was the 'Frite Museum'. All about the history of the potato and the fry, this was also very interesting. The whole museum smelt of fries, and they made really good ones, served with a variety of sauces. Who new that the potato had such an interesting history as well!

We also went for a horse drawn carriage tour of the city. Being driven around Brugge by horse was such a magical way to see the city. We were able to see everywhere, walk around a bit, and the best part was that it gave us a better idea of the places we really wanted to get to.

One of my favourite parts of the day was stopping in at a little tea room for a snack. Now, I love drinking tea and coffee from a cup and saucer, and the is how we had it. The service was wonderful, the presentation fabulous (exactly how I like it, saucers and all) and the mini tartlettes were delicious. My only complaint was that there were too many tarts to choose from!

We had such a lovely day in Brugge, I'm sure that we will be visiting the city again soon!

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