Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fish Allergy Friendly Vegeterian Sushi

Many of you may or may not know that I am very allergic to fish and seafood, therefore I have never eaten sushi. I know what you might be thinking, why don't you just have vegetarian sushi, but after looking all through the Internet, I have learned that I also should not be eating seaweed because of the risk of cross contamination.

With Seyfi having Celiac, sushi is something that he can easily eat, so I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and try to make sushi at home that both of us could enjoy.

We made the rice together, and it was good, sweet and sour. It was sticky and shiny, just like the recipe said it should be. We made nice little pads of rice, they stuck together beautifully, but...

I'm not sure it turned out right, is sushi suppose to taste like a ball of vinegary rice with something on top? Because I don't like rice that much, and maybe that would explain why I wasn't a big fan.

Seyfi did say that he thought it was better with fish, and yes, I did only make carrot, lettuce and cucumber sushi (we couldn't find avocado anywhere). I realize that I also need to get some wasabi and pickled ginger. But will all of that really improve the fact that I am eating a rice ball?

I'm not giving up on this though. I'm going to find a way to make maki rolls (any suggestions?) and I'm going to find some more toppings (any suggestions).


  1. That actually looks delicious! I've never been a big fan of the seaweed part of sushi ... maybe I'll give these a try!

  2. yup, sushi tastes like a ball of rice with a piece of raw fish on top. Try to find radish (daikon or regular) to put in with the veggies it spices it up a little. waasabi also perks it up. try to get some rice papers and stuff them with a spicy veggie mixture they are really good. I will send you a recipe if you like.

  3. Make it a roll with the rice on the outside, then layer your lettuce flat like you would seaweed, add your thinly sliced carrotts, cucumber, radish and avocado if you can find it and roll it tight like you are rolling a sleeping bag for girl guide camp. My friend and I did them like this when I was pregnant and they were fantastic. Easy to roll when your lettuce it dry and your rice is sticky. Tastes better rolled then veggies plopped on top of rice.

  4. Not sure what you can get there but green onion, red pepper (roasted red pepper would be good too, nice and sweet) asparagus strips or I had sushi with a roasted sweet potato cut into strips with some kind of curried mayo and it was delish.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions Jaime!