Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's raining... again

It's raining today, and it was raining yesterday, and it was cold the day before.

I never complain about rain here in Turkey. After you've lived through two or more summers where there are long water cuts, nothing is green and everyone is in a water panic, you don't mind, in fact you love when it is raining.

But for a kid who doesn't understand that we really do need this rain, life is tough. Poor Alara, she hasn't been to the park in two days, and this morning we could see that she wanted to at least be outside.

I can say that I have great in-laws. I hear that most Turkish in-laws would not be too happy with the thought of their little grandchild out in the rain. But not mine, they loved the idea. They knew she would be happy and that the fresh air would do her good. There was not even a look of opposition.

So, we all bundled up (the four adults and Alara) into warm clothes, raincoats and rain boots and headed to the pazar. We couldn't go to the park we thought, we'd spend the whole time mopping up slide and swings while it continued raining.

Our walk was lovely, there was a slight mist, but it was in a way romantic. Naturally, a romantic walk would be better if my husband was in town, and I wasn't out with the in-laws, but it was still nice.

The big news is that Alara used an umbrella for the first time, and loved it. We will definitely need to get her a kid umbrella in Belgium. I hear it rains there a lot.

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