Monday, May 31, 2010

Alara and her Dede

Alara's Turkish grandfather is her dede. Alara loves him very much. During the week he stays at our house to help my mother in law take care of Alara. Sometimes he goes out and brings her home little treats. A new notebook to colour in, or some fresh orange juice. In the winter they can often be seen in local cafes around the neighbourhood drinking tea.

At the weekend she loves going to dede's garden We take her out to their home and she can run around, play with the other children on the street and explore the garden. For a kid living in an apartment building, this is the greatest place on earth. She spends the entire week waiting for the weekend.

Dede has now got Alara helping him in the garden. She helps him water the trees, and pick the fruit that is ripe. She digs holes for him (even if he doesn't need them) and when they are done, he hangs a swing up from a tree for her and they have a great time.

I'm not really sure who this move will be harder on Alara or Dede?

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