Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nine weeks...

There are lots of things to do before moving to a new country, and something that I have been putting off for a very long time is re-learning French. I use the term re-learning very loosely, as I'm pretty sure I never learned it in the first place. I studied French up until grade ten, and I know that something went in, but I don't trust it to carry me very far in Belgium.

I remember when I first came to Turkey, I didn't even know one word of Turkish. In Turkey though it was never a problem, even if there was no one around who could speak English, even if you just tried to string two words together, you got a kind smile and general what you were asking for.

However, I don't want to have to start from zero again. I really do need to start working this. The problem is that I am a really lazy student. (The complete opposite of my husband.)

I studied both Spanish and German in university and didn't get too far. With Turkish, even after my husband gave me some basic grammar rules, it wasn't until I lived with my mother in law, and worked at with people who didn't speak any English that I finally started to get it.

I know that I should just get started, so I am putting it out there, I am going to start studying French tomorrow, I am going to be a hard working student, and I am going to be ready for our big move in nine weeks. Check in on my again before we leave, I promise I will have learned something!

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  1. good luck with that! i hope it's going well for you! i'm terrible at learning other languages :)