Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something I love about Turkey- Cherries

I've written about the pazar in Turkey, and how I love the fresh, seasonal produce that is available here, but cherries need to have their own post. They are a very special part of living here, and there are a couple of reasons for that.

Firstly, you can definitely only get them in season, and that season is now. Cherries are not like strawberries here, in the winter you can get some big, bright red tasteless strawberries for about a month. Cherries on the other hand only come at the end of May and last for about a month.

There is a variety of cherries to pic from, big, dark cherries, bright red sour cherries, middle sized inexpensive cherries, yellow cherries, the list continues. They'll be sure to meet whatever your cherry need may be.

I had never seen a cherry tree before in my life (I'm from northern Ontario), but here, you can find cherry trees every where. The other day, we were walking home from the market, stopped to adjust our bags and looked up to a tree full of cherries. Have you ever eaten a cherry fresh of the tree, so juicy and warm? It is a wonderful experience.

My father in law has a few cherry trees up at his garden. The cherries in the picture are from his trees. I'll miss that tree, and its free cherries.

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