Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A funny story from the road

Here's a humorous story that happened on the road...

Let me start with a little background info... When we were getting ready for the big move and road trip, I was feeling a bit useless, Seyfi was running around getting things ready, and all I was able to do was to do was pack boxes (not what I call fun).

So, I asked Seyfi, 'how far do you want to get once we get off the ferry in Italy?' He thought we would be able to get as far as Basel, Switzerland, and my big ideas was that I would book the hotel room there. So off I went to search the internet for a hotel...

Here's the thing, hotels in Basel, Switzerland are very expensive, and we would only be spending the night there, probably not much more than that because we wanted to leave very early the next morning as well.

I searched and searched, and finally found a hotel that was listed as 'cheaper hotel outside of Basel' and it looked great! Mexican restaurant, and breakfast started at 5:30 and was included in the price, with was very reasonable. So I booked it.

We were a bit worried about how we would find it, so I clicked on the map, but it wouldn't open (it's a google map, those in Turkey know why). So I took the address, typed it into yahoo maps and punched it into our GPS and said job well done! I was very proud of myself.

That day, we ended up getting off of the ferry very late, much later than planned. The drive through Sw┼čtzerland was amazing, more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, but it was very late by the time we got to Basel, it was after midnight.

We were looking at our map, looking at the GPS, we could find the intersection of the two streets where the hotel should have been, but it wasn't there. We tried calling, but it wouldn't connect. We were tired, cranky and just wanted to sleep. We even thought about just pulling over and sleeping in the car.

Then we saw a taxi, Seyfi(who is not your typical man), ran over to him with our map and GPS and asked where the hotel was. The taxi driver looked at the map, looked at the GPS, and looked at Seyfi and told him he was in the wrong COUNTRY! Our hotel was in GERMANY, not Switzerland!

Luckily, Basel, Germany is only ten minutes from Basel, Switzerland, so we were able to get to the hotel, and more importnatly to bed in no time.

Here is my question- how are there two towns with the same names, and the same street names that interesect each other, ten minutes apart???

They guy at the hotel told us it happens all the time....

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