Thursday, August 26, 2010

She's Crafty

Very quickly after we had moved to Belgium, I realized that even though we have a beautiful big yard to keep Alara busy in, I was going to have to find some rainy day activities for Alara. It rains a lot here. In fact, it is raining now.

Alara has liked colouring for a long time now, so I decided to take it up a step when I found a craft activity boxed for 4 euros, and a pack of coloured paper from Ikea. At first I thought she might me a bit young for it, but then I thought, whatever, it's raining again and she is bored! So I gave it to her, showed her how to get started and let her go.

She loves it! She likes sticking things and putting things together and pulling them apart and starting again. Today she told me that she loves glitter glue and pom poms.

I love the way she sits so focused and works on her 'projects'. I try very hard not to step in and try to take over, she hasn't really 'made' anything yet, but I did help her make a card for her baba, and I can feel that there is a craft coming....

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