Monday, August 9, 2010

Mons Market

You all know how much I love a good farmers' market, and yesterday morning Alara and I went to the Mons Market. It was a very good market, and had a variety of things to buy.

Of course it had fruits and vegetables, and we bought lots of those! Lettuce, carrots, oranges, butternut squash! Blueberries! (two things that I haven't been able to buy in years!!

But there were other things there too, there were trucks roasting chickens and meats right before my eyes! I bought one of the chickens, and it was quite nice.

There were also many different types of cheeses on offer. I chose one of the cheese makers and bought a selection of her cheeses. They were all very lovely (honestly though I didn't care for the camembert (but that might be me, not the cheese).

We could also find lots of differen breads, pastries and desserts, but Alara found the one thing she loves most... waffles!

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