Sunday, August 22, 2010

What we did yesterday- Ath

Seyfi has been working all weekend, so Alara and I have had to do some adventuring on our own. Yesterday, we went to the town of Ath, where they were having their Town Festival.

Their Festival is a bit different because it involves the use of Giants. The Giants represent David and Goliath, and there is some fighting and then someone gets married.

I'm sure you are wondering, why don't I know more about this? While, we got there late and were only able to see the remnants of a band, some solders from olden times and the two married giants.

Since we had missed most of the festival, Alara and I walked around a bit more and then we found the cutest cookie and candy shop. The sold ice cream as well, so we had some, and bought some macarons for Seyfi.

It was a lovely day, and the weather couldn't have been better. I took lots of pictures, and so did Alara!!

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