Thursday, August 5, 2010

We've arrived (and are finally connected)

Today's post will be quite short....

...because, after a very long road trip, five days of house hunting and staying in a hotel, one week in our house without furniture, one week in the house with furniture, we are finally connected to the Internet, and with all of you!

I will post more about the trip, but what I will let you know about today is that Belgium is a lovely country, and I know that we will be very happy here. It is not as hot as Turkey, and it rains a lot! but the people are very nice, and my French is improving every day.

Seyfi is back to work, and Alara seems to be settling in, (she called our house 'home' today), and I am getting use to the whole 'housewife' way of life.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow, if I find my camera that is...

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  1. Glad you reached your destination safely and looking forward to seeing your pictures