Saturday, August 28, 2010

What did we do today- Rotterdam

A few days ago, Seyfi learned that we needed to go to Rotterdam to run an errand. We were not too happy. We had already made plans to go to Brugge and since we didn't know anything about Rotterdam, we were a bit annoyed to have to go there. I was thinking how nice can a city be if it has the word 'rot' in its name?

We started the day with the plan to run into Rotterdam, do what needed to be done, and then head back and spend the afternoon in Antwerp. The thing was, once we got there, we couldn't believe how beautiful the city was. We decided that we would at least walk around a bit and have lunch.

We found a lovely restaurant in a windmill next to a lake. The lunch was great, we had a beautiful soup, and salad. While we were eating our lunch we saw that on the lake there were a lot of sail boats, and wondered if we could go out on the lake too.

Next to the restaurant there was a sail boat rental shop that rented out boats, skippers and first mates to help you sail around the beautiful lake. We did an hour tour of the lake on the sail boat. It was absolutely wonderful. It was the best day for sailing, windy with a bit of warm sun, so we didn't get too cold.

After we got of the lake, had some doner, we drove into the city centre, walked around a bit and saw what a beautiful city Rotterdam really is.

I'm so glad we went to Rotterdam, it is beautiful, we will definitely be going back there. I know now not to judge a city before we get there.

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