Thursday, June 24, 2010

20 days....

The house looks like something is going on, there are boxes and everything is off the walls, and a lot of things have been given away, or sold. It is coming up very quickly.

Seyfi will get home tomorrow night, and thank goodness, he will not be leaving again! The only thing is that I think I may have to pretend to want to watch the World Cup again...

I have only four more days of work, before my new role as 'housewife' begins. I think I prefer the title 'domestic engineer', but we can argue over these nuiances at a later date.

Now, I do have a confession to make, I have not been putting that much effort into the whole 'learn French before you get there' goal of mine. I can honestly say that I study for maybe two hours a week. Let me be honest here, I'm a language teacher, and I know that is not even close to being enough...

Anyway, I came to Turkey without knowing even one word of Turkish, and I am now fluent, I can learn so much better when I am actually in the Belgium, using the language naturally... right? are we buying this???

I know I promised earlier that I would work on my French everyday, I'm a promise breaker, there I said it! Sorry!

*By the way a big Happy Birthday to my Dad! He is celebrating his birthday in the mountains, and I can't call him.

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