Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alara and her flowers

Who said that you should 'take time to stop and smell the roses?'

Well, Alara always does this, maybe that is why she is so relaxed and happy. My little girl loves flowers. She especially loves smelling them. Sometimes a walk to the park can take a very long time because we have to stop and smell every flower that we pass, and there are a lot of roses on our way to the park.

Sometimes I get flowers from my work, when I first bring them in the door, Alara says, 'Ah! Mommy flowers!' Just moments later, it's 'Look! Alara flowers!' And she is off running around with a bouquet of flowers.

I love that she likes smelling flowers. She puts her nose right in to the flower, and takes a deep breath in to smell them, and she wants everyone to smell them too, thank goodness she hasn't started picking them yet, or I'm sure we'd be in trouble.


  1. Such a sweet little girl, love the pic of her smelling the flowers and I love those curls!

  2. I agree, that foto is gorgeous!!!!