Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Shocked!

Let me tell you a little something about my husband... he is football CRAZY! (That's soccer to my north American friends). If there is a match on he finds it and watches it, no matter what the league, date or reason for the game. I've even seen him watch games that he has already seen before!

He watches football, he plays football, he makes friends according to their football teams, He knows teams, players, dates, goals and statistics. All these things are in his head, ready to be discussed at the drop of a hat with any other football crazy person he meets (which is a lot here in Turkey!)

The World Cup is on now, there are two or three matches on a day, lots of football for the football crazy. So you are asking why am I shocked?

Because he isn't really watching it! He's only been watching a few minutes of some of the matches. Why? Could it be because he is finishing up his last semester of his masters? Will it all change when his work is done? I would really love to know.

I was planning on getting really into this World Cup. I drew teams from the office pool for both of us to cheer for. This is important because both Canada and Turkey are not in the tournament. I'll be cheering for Brazil, while Seyfi has got Serbia.

Please don't miss understand me, I'm not complaining, if he doesn't want to watch a lot of the World Cup, that's fine, but I'm still shocked.

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  1. I can't believe you pulled Brazil! I got Cote D'ivoire!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can come and be a hooligan with me if you want :)