Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Favourites- Julie and Julia

Now, I have read, My Life in France by Julia Child, and Julie/Julia by Julie Powell, and I thought that the way that these two books were combined into the film was really well done. I loved the way that the plot followed these years in these two women's lives.

I really enjoyed reading My Life in France. As a women who has moved to another country, and lived and accepted the new place as home, I really respected the way that Childs loved and embraced France. It is not easy to come to a new country, learn the language and live there without being negative or constantly comparing it to home, but I felt that she never did this, she seemed very positive of her years in France.

I must confess, the reason I loved this movie, has more to do with the Julia Childs scenes, rather than the Julie Powell. I love cooking, I love Paris (at least I think I'll love Paris) and I love watching people learn to speak French!!

I know I could comment on what a great actress Meryl Streep was in this role, and she was, but the truth is, it was the food and the settings that really drew me to this movie. I loved all of the cooking scenes, basically any of the scenes that had food in it made me happy.

I'm sure that most people of seen this movie, but I would also recommend reading Julia Childs' My Life in France. Bon appetit!

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