Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alara and Clowns

We learned something new today about Alara, she is very afraid of clowns. The girl who wanted to go bungee jumping with her father is scared of a girl with some paint of her face, and even more so of a boy standing on stilts.

Our local supermarket has just re-opened (thank goodness!), and so to celebrate, outside of the store were clowns, stilt walkers and very loud music, all of which Alara does not like very much.

As we walked into the store, she started crying, and then again as we walked out she was crying. I had to buy her an ice cream scoop to calm her down (don't ask, she wanted a spoon).

Apparently, she was so traumatized by these clowns that when she talked to my dad on the phone all she said was 'clown' (well palyaco because she knows the Turkish word) and then gave the phone back to me. It was his idea for me to write a post about this.

Are any of you or your children scared of clowns?

There was no picture of my scared Alara, or the clowns so I am just posting this pretty picture of her from the other day, under a plum tree, in the park.

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