Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seven Weeks

Just under seven weeks to go, and with everything that has happened over the last week, I am really just so excited!

French studying is still going, not as quickly as I had originally planned, but I am still learning everyday.

Packing, not so much, but I have started organizing things in my head as to what is staying and what will be coming with us.

House hunting, we have been looking, and we have found a few in the area that we are looking for.

Our plans as to how to get there are going well, we seem to have found some ferries that go the same way as us, when we are going. The new car will be ours in a few days! So we can get use to it before we drive it all over Europe.

Finally, work will be finishing up soon, there are three and half weeks until I am done there. Once work is done, I will officially be a housewife, a badge I will proudly bare!

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