Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alara- our Singing and Dancing Queen

Alara has always loved to dance. She's been dancing since before she was properly standing and walking. She has some very interesting moves, there is the ballerina turn (hands over head and turning), there is the sway and clap (AKA the Jim), she dances the Turkish Halley (while holding a napkin) and many more.

However, this week, after watching the Lady Gaga episode of Glee (if is an old episode), she has learned a new dance move, and has developed a love of Lady Gaga and music sung by the Glee kids.

What is this dance move you ask? She does a downward dog (hands and feet on ground) and starts kicking up one of her feet, and then switches to the other. I think she is getting ready to be a break dancer, or a b-girl.

As for the singing, she picks up anything that could be a microphone and starts singing into it. Today, we were at my friend Andrea's house, and she picked up a flashlight, and used that as her microphone (picture above). She also picked up a children's bowling pin, gave it to Andrea's son, and then told him that he was holding it wrong, and showed him what to do.

I feel that this singing and dancing is a definite sign of a happy girl. I hope that she maintains this theatricality, and doesn't get the stage fright that I have!

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