Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Four Weeks- a round up!

Less than a month to go...

The good news is that everything seems to be falling into place. We've started packing, the house is a wreck! How did we accumulate so much stuff? We are just in desperate need of more boxes.

The ferry tickets have been booked. We have our route all planned out, and have bought a GPS machine for if we happen to get off route. I am now able to properly drive and park the new car, so I will be able to share in the driving.

Seyfi is just finishing up his last paper to finish off his masters. He handed in his thesis on Monday and defended it today. Graduation is coming up! So exciting! He leaves on Sunday for another week in Izmir.

Alara is running all over the place, the only time she stops running is when she hears Lady Gaga, then she is dancing. She seems to have gotten over her fear of clowns, and says that she wants to go and see some more.

My little niece Riley is up and walking!! I'm so excited for her!

Only two more weeks of work left!!!

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