Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I remember thinking, how will I ever find a man as great as my dad? My dad is a wonderful father, he is good man, and one of the best listeners I know. I can talk to him for hours and never get bored. We share a love of toasted tomato sandwiches, Blue Rodeo and Law and Order, and for most of my life I thought there was no one who could replace him.

Then I moved to Turkey, and met Seyfi. The man who has supported and encouraged me to do so many things that I never would have done, the father of our amazing daughter.

Seyfi is a great dad (baba). He does everything he can for Alara, and me. Since Alara was born, Seyfi has been a fabulous role model, friend, supporter, and encourager. I know that every time he gets sent away from us (like today again) he misses Alara so much, and it is harder on him then it is on us.

I see the blossoming of an amazing relationship between the two of them. I know that one day, Alara will feel the way that I did, that there is no man in the world as good as her dad.

So, to my husband, Happy Father's Day- I thought I would never find you, but I have, and I'll love you forever.


  1. He is a wonderful guy, and you two seem to support each other incredibly well. I am sure Alara will be a fabulous person because of both of you.

  2. It's so great for little girls to have positive male role models in their lives. What a sweet post.

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  4. You wont be the only Canadian family in Belgium! Welcome! If you need any info, just let me know!