Monday, June 7, 2010

Something I love about Turkey- Kumpir

There is nothing better than a baked potato with the works! and in Turkey, when you ask for the works, you get the WORKS!

A kumpir is a big baked potato that has been mixed with cheese and butter and then topped with a variety of different things. The standard kumpir has got corn, olives, pickles, potato salad ketchup and mayonaise on it.

But who wants the standard? You can do mexican kumpir (with kidney beans, jalopeno peppers, corn, salsa), vegetarian (with assorted veggies), meat (with different salamis and meats) or any combination that you can think up.

I love kumpirs. They are cheap and so yummy. You can get them everywhere in Ankara, they are one kind of Turkish 'fast food.'

When my mom comes to Turkey, she always wants to go and have a kumpir at least once during her visit, she thinks that they are different then a normal baked potato. A kumpir is a meal, and baked potato is a side.

By they way, this isn't my picture, I got it here.

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  1. OOoooooo. I found you on the Moms Blog Network! I am going to be making THIS. I'm in Washington State, USA, and there is no better comfort food for our rainy days than a good baked potato.

    My mouth is watering...... YUM!
    Thank You for sharing!