Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Favourites- Philippa Gregory

I have always had a fasination with the British history, specifically the reigns of certain kings and queens. I love reading books about this period, and there is an author, Philippa Gregory, who writes historical fiction set in my favourite period- during the reign of the Tudors.

Gregory wrote six books set during the Tudor Period (The Other Boleyn Girl, The Other Queen, The Virgin's Lover, The Constant Princess, The Boleyn Inheritance and The Other Queen). Each of these books looks at the women in this time period, and shows what happened historically, but through the eyes of these women.

I love reading these books. Gregory gives glimpses into the period without boring the story with too many details. However, there is such a richness to her descriptions that when I am reading the books, I feel like I am being transported back in time, I even have dreams about the characters and the settings.

According to her website, she has started writing a new series, of which I have read the first book. The series, The Cousins' War is about the Plantagenet reign, before the Tudors.

The first book of the series, The White Queen, was very good, and I am lookind forward to her next book in the series.

Have you ever read any of her books?

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