Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cooking when I was Young

One of my favourite blogs, gluten free girl, suggested that we all write about the first thing that we cooked when we were younger. Here is my story...

I am actually going to start my story from the time that I was in high school, I know that I tried to make somethings when I was really young, their were the hockey pucks (tea biscuts), the square cookies (I made them too big and too close to each other) and off course, the rice that burned the floor (we put the hot pot on the floor and it melted it). I don't think we need to rehash these 'disasters'.

I also remember doing a lot of grating... It seemed that if there was ever any help needed in the kitchen, it was in the grating department, cheese, carrots, more cheese... To this day I always try to pass the grating jobs off on my husband, and if I remember correctly, my sister does too.

I think that it was after I got back from Uruguay, that my love of cooking really started. I had decided to become a vegetarian, and that required a whole new repitore of recipes. I started reading recipe books and loving new taste and flavours. I would make curries and stir fries, introducing myself and my family to new tastes.

My parents and family were always more than supportive about the new food I was cooking. They love cooking aswell and I think they were happy to see some new variety and a meal cooked for them when they got home from work. The one thing I do remember though is my dad always saying, 'this vegetarian food is good, but it would be bette with some sausage!'

The vegetarianism only lasted a year, but the love of learning about food, cooking and baking started a new life for me. I even thought about dropping out of university and heading off to culinary school. I am glad that I didn't, it wouldn't have taken me to where I am today, but the love of cooking and exploring is still alive, and I am grateful for that.

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  1. You are correct, Kev is the designated cheese grater or we buy the already grated cheese. Haha! rice pot on the floor!