Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alara and Leyla

*warning* This post in no way suggests that we are even thinking about having a second baby at this time.

I have this fabulous friend, Andrea. She's British, and uses some of the cutest words- she calls knee highs, 'pop socks'- when she is feeling fat she calls herself a 'lardy bloater'- and when something is expensive, she says it is 'dear'.

Besides the adorable vocabulary, Andrea is a great mom. She has got a son who is a bit older than Alara, and a daughter who is 4 months. We have been a great support to each other through out the 'rough' times of being a mother.

Alara, and Andrea's son Kadir have been friends for as long as Andrea and I. The two of them get along very well together. However, it is Andrea's little girl Leyla who Alara is completely in love with these days.

In the beginning, Alara really wanted nothing to do with her, and I was not allowed to hold her, she would look, but that was it. Now, Alara wants to play with her, hold her, and today she has started tickling her. When we were watching Leyla at the park and she started fussing, Alara told me to 'hold baby'. I think we've made a big break through.

Now, this in no way means that any of us here are ready for a second child. It just means that now when we see another baby, I can hold it too.

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